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Blue Gold
22 January 2017 @ 11:59 pm

Alright, A couple other things did happen this weekend but I also made some progress on Ommegang.  I have gotten to the body cables . Starting to look like a sweater.  and that totally is more than the bit of ribbing I had on Friday.

So sleeves, and an ever growing body.  Not too bad for where I was Friday, along with cleaning, marching, cooking, and the usual weekend task.

Not too shabby for


Blue Gold
21 January 2017 @ 09:00 pm

I spent a long time considering if I was going to go to the march for the variety of reasons, starting with the fact that there were emails from the day job this morning, and getting more than 4 hours of sleep has seemed like a pipe dream these last few weeks.


Though I think I needed this. Here are just a couple shots I got off my phone.  Though I guess the work phone should be thanked as my iPhone was acting wacky.  Hence barely, any social media posts during all the standing around and waiting, and there was a lot of standing around and waiting.  I think I crashed Instagram a few dozen times attempting to post.

I wonder if it could have been the volume or some something ;). Sometimes running into your sister makes, all the difference in how your day goes.

Blue Gold
19 January 2017 @ 09:37 pm

So its a bad sign when I’ve just cast on the body of my Ommegang and am already itching to cast on another sweater. It’s not my fault! It’s the KAL.  The KAL runs until March 1st. So I want to finish Ommegang then get started. I have just started on the body of the sweater so I should be good on that front.


So two skeins of Miss Babs in Mayhem and Blarney Stone, will be turned onto the Honey Pullover. I got the two skeins to make a striped sweater pattern to be determined when I bought the pattern, but I was thinking narrow stripes.


And the Honey Pullover is just that, with a KAL co-hosted by Voolenvine and This Old Knit.  That was mostly what I was thinking, I’m not sure how I feel about the pockets, but I have plenty of knitting to do before I get to it seeing as its a top down knit.

This will actually be my second ever fingering weight sweater, though I do have the yarn for another and, the pattern chosen for that, stripes gone crazy. So this will be a mini sweater adventure. One that  I am looking forward to. I just have some cables to finish first!

Blue Gold
16 January 2017 @ 10:45 pm

So VKLive is over, I’ve slept, and its now time to show you some shiny new things for the shop. There was already a couple of peeks of what was coming, though some of them did sell out at the show.

I have one set of  Stranger Things markers.



The remaining Critical Role sets.

IMG_1965 IMG_1962 IMG_1985  IMG_1970 IMG_1973 IMG_1979  IMG_1988

And some more dungeons and dragons and travel.  And mermaid markers, working for the first time with real pearls.

IMG_1986 IMG_1958 IMG_1967

Restocked items. I drink and I know things, The endless,

img_1792 IMG_2329


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Blue Gold
12 January 2017 @ 10:11 pm

Tomorrow I shall be setting up my booth For VKlive.  Right now I’m trying to wrap up at the day job and start packing everything for the show. It’s slow gong but I am nearly done with work so that’s a win!  I thought  a little preview of what would be available would be nice. Anything that doesn’t sell, except for the show exclusive, will be available in the shop on Monday.


Lots of markers are being restocked, lots of new designs are being released. It should be a fun weekend catching up with people and vending. And getting my hands on just a little yarn and fiber before I go on a small yarn Hiatus.  More motivation to get the sweaters done I guess!


One very new thing that I am vending for the first time is a set of stitch markers made with actual pearls. They have a mermaid charm and are dyed pearls. So we’ll see how that goes.  Also I took a little trip into the upsidedown…


Blue Gold
11 January 2017 @ 09:33 pm

I have wanted to make a hat out of my handspun luxury fibers for some time now.  I have been spinning the yarn as finely as I can with the plan to ply 3 or four different fibers together in the end to get a worsted weight. But this is spinning project that if it sees ten minutes of spin time every three months that is a lot. It’s time to pick up the pace.


Needless to say the spinning is very slow going, not only because I am spinning as fine as I can on my golding, but also because I have at least half a dozen spinning projects going at any given time.  I’m sensing a theme here. This project always comes to mind when the weather is cold again, reminding me of the warm soft hat I could have if I just got to Spinning!


It not as if it is a hardship to use a Golding Spindle while spinning Paco Vicuña, with Cashmere and yak silk blends waiting in the wings. I even have a colorful bit of neon Merino if I decided I wanted a pop of color. It has been spun just as finely and is just waiting. So with all this in mind, I have decided that this is the January project I will attempt finish.  At the very least I should be finished spinning the Paco Vicuña, its only half an oz!


I’m also motivated as a few handknit hats seemed to have wandered off in the move. So overall I have a plan for more hats. So while this may take a bit longer it seemed like a good place to start on expanding the hat pile once again.

I also want to amass some cabled hat patterns, and start plotting. I tend to make simple hats or  heavily cabled hats. Also I have quite a bit of leftover yarn from the sweaters so I have some thoughts on that. Possibly a hat for me, and a hat as a gift.

Blue Gold
10 January 2017 @ 07:54 pm

I’ve been slowly progressing on Ommegang.  One sleeve done, and half of the next sleeve done. I had a dream of finishing the sweater and wearing it to VKLive.  But somehow I don’t think I will finish a sleeve and the entire cabled body by Friday.


I do love working in this yarn, and am planning on visiting Neighborhood Fiber Co. during a quick vending break and getting another sweater’s worth. Maybe in green or purple. Or whatever catches my eye when I get there. Dupont Circle and Clintonvile are the two colors  I am pondering.

Blue Gold
09 January 2017 @ 11:59 pm

Socks, this past year, I have finally finished my first two pairs of socks.  Woo! I have been attempting socks for years so this is a massive victory.

IMG_1394  IMG_0663

And now that  I have finished these socks and as everyone has warned me. I’m totally addicted. Right now I have three other pairs of socks in progress…or maybe five but those were cast on in 2013 or so, so they totally don’t count.  My first toe up sock with my first self striping.


So I totally want to do, the 2017 box O’sox again. The above three pairs would not count towards the 2017 box.  So I did a mini stash dive and after pulling 14 skeins of sock yarn that I could make into socks I stopped looking but I clearly have sock yarn available. I have multiple sets of DPN’s ready to knit more socks. And if not, that seems like a pretty good reason to add more needles to my stash.


Blue Gold
08 January 2017 @ 08:29 pm

So as a shocking it of news to everyone here. I’m a geek. So that means people will tell me about geeky things in their life. At Rhinebeck, I played my first ever D&D game. Which is amusing as I’ve been reading Forgotten Realms for years.  Some of the players and the DM were all fans of Critical Role.  There were jokes, and descriptions, and some hilarious shorts. It ended with me wanting to finally watch this show.


Critical Role is a show on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel where a “bunch of nerdy ass voice actors play D&D.”  There are about 79 episodes available on the youtube channel and I think 81 available via Twitch. I am currently at episode 76 having started watching after getting back from Rhinebeck. The episodes are about 4 hours long…

So of course I have stitch markers for the cast of the show.  I have been really enjoying this show.  Vox Machina has wormed their insane way into my heart. Rolling dice, fighting monsters, and being awesome.

So I have ordered some charms to make some more sets. but right now I have Scanlan , Vex, Vax, Pike, Keyleth, Percival, Grog, and the DM.  I also want to do a full team set.  Possibly with charms from  later in the series. And some NPC sets, and guest sets.

img_1922 img_1920 img_1913 img_1903 img_1906 img_1908 img_1909 img_1924


Blue Gold
07 January 2017 @ 09:52 pm

So I’ve started making project bags, to go along with the notions bags.  I have made a medium sized bag in quite a few patterns. They are about 9x6x3.  It can hold about two skeins of fingering weight yarn.  So a good sized project bag for socks, shawls, or simple scarves.

img_1743  img_1750

I have also made a much larger bag, with a faux leather bottom that can hold three 400 yard skeins of worsted weight yarn and a sweater in progress. These are about 11x8x7.


I’m making a few more hopefully in time for Vogue. I’ve started a couple. Though I only have fabric for a single Hamilton one. I didn’t get a ton of that fabric. We’ll see if I can get a couple more finished.  I have a few colors of leather fabric, black, brown, white, and actual leather in light gray. So there can be a few options.

img_1901 img_1900

Also I have been pondering what to call the different sizes of the bags I have been making.

Hobbit, Dwarf, Man and Troll,  or Dobby, Harry, Hagrid, and Grawp.  You may sense a theme.