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27 February 2017 @ 04:30 pm

While in Orlando I brought with me the skein of house cup by Gynx Yarns.  So with plans  to do my first ever toe up socks with an afterthought heel.  I cast on with my HiyaHiya Sharps in size 0 (2mm).  Figure 8 cast on for 24 stitches and increased up to 56 stitches.

So I started knitting while at the hotel, and continued when I could while at Universal studios. Sadly I always forget that you  lock up all your items before going on a ride. So on the lines, all of the lines I usually had empty hands. But that was better than, the tale of that time I lost my knitting on a rollercoaster.

I knit as we wandered the park, got Butter Beer, Pumpkin juice. I made it pretty good progress, and actually was able to finish the first sock by the time I was back in New York.  Well done except for the afterthought heel at that point.  Pretty good progress for a weekend wandering Orlando.

By the time I was back in Brooklyn watching the Super bowl  I had started the second sock.  Which grew just as fast, while wandering my usual haunts.

And once the scond sock was finished, while at a mini knitting retreat weekend. I pulled the afterthought heel.  and finished the sock.

I am well into my next pair of socks, with plans of starting my third, all self striping skeins.  I mean if this keeps up, I may actually fill my box this year. We’ll see.  I feel like the giant Hogwarts sticker on the side of the box and the the House cup socks being the first finished skein.  Next up shall be my oft cast on, rainbow socks.

Frogged and cast one three times since this photo was taken. I am also loving knitting toe up socks. You know after finishing a pair. Seeing as I have only finished two pairs of cuff down, I feel like I’m nearly at equal comparisons anyway.