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23 January 2017 @ 08:07 pm
That’s Totally How a Hiatus Works Right?  

So remember when I mentioned going on a yarn Hiatus after VKLive. Yeah…and then I noticed the Gynx Yarns update on Saturday… and suddenly there is a skein of House Cup making its way to me.   So maybe now I’m on Hiatus? Just a week later…I can do it.  I just need to poke around my stash and not yarn stores, or online stores.

Then there was the email notification that the two skeins of 1600 Penn I ordered from Neighborhood Fiber Co. at VKL was on its way. I mean that doesn’t count.  It was ordered and paid for at VKL…totally within the parameters of the Hiatus.

So I spent part of Sunday photographing the stash that I have gotten since Rhinebeck, at VKL, ordering, Woolyn, and whatever else. Like, you know, a friend reminding you they have yarn for you that you totally didn’t forget about.  I need a Hiatus.

I want to use all this great yarn, and that means  I need to stop adding to the piles and piles of it.  I’m sure its possible.  Restraint…I’ve heard of it…. Something to do with chains?  Hiding your wallet?

This is what? About 3 months worth of yarn purchases? And yes Fall and Winter are extra enabling, Rhinebeck, VKL, trunk shows,  startitius, I rarely go yarn crazy for my Birthday for example.  Because while I am still knitting, do I really need more yarn in August?  Its so much easier to say, wait what about that xxxxx (insert color, fiber content, brand, sparkle here) you got at yyyy in August, than in January.

And while I have a notion of what I want to make with all of these. Sweaters with multiple skeins.  Socks and a couple shawls, on all of the sock yarn. And an attempt to bring back my Sock square blanket with the mini skeins.  We’ll see what actually happens.

I have ideas on what to do with everything. Its just will I stick to those ideas or run off and buy something else, or cast on a completely  different things,  that actually needs something I don’t have? History has shown me a little of column A and a little of column B.

Also I really need to add this all to Ravelry since that was the reason I took the pictures in the first place!