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Blue Gold
21 October 2016 @ 02:46 pm

Rhinebeck was awesome! This is not really a surprise as it is great every year. Great people, interesting weather…I mean we had every possible Rhinebeck combination it seemed like.  Well it seemed like I only needed the one Rhinebeck sweater anyway.



Friday was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who popped by the booth and all the people I was able to meet.  The Indie Untangled Trunk show was awesome. And was a great start to a weekend that would be just as great.



And along with people, and other vendors there were the things I grabbed at the show.

img_1728 img_1731



This is the alcohol damage I did in the food barn! Two bottles of Hetta, for reasons, 1857 Potato Vodka, Applejack whiskey, Port and Sherry,  and wine, for reasons. One of our awesome house mates made everyone sheep!  And I actually went to Jenny the Potter’s booth this year, and got a small Franken-sheep bowl to hold loose jewelry and a tiny cup, that I so far have had port in.

img_1733 img_1736 img_1734 img_1738

And then there was the yarn and fiber. Uh, yeah. I may have gotten a lot this year, but I’m already planning to cast on Stonecutter out of the Neighborhood Fiber Co. in the first image this weekend, or at least swatch.

Blue Gold
14 October 2016 @ 08:12 am

Its the start of one of my favorite weekends of the year. Rhinebeck! We’re hitting the road shortly and after. And of course tonight I shall be vending at The Indie  Untangled Trunk show.  Its from 5-8pm at The Best Western Plus, 503 Washington Ave., Kingston, N.Y. So say hey if you pop by!

Rhinebeck Kickoff artwork final


After some frogging madness with Kitra, I only have Cabeladabra to wear for the weekend, but if I was only going to have one sweater, its a great one to have.  Everything is packed (I hope!) and next step is a Hamilton sing along in the car!  See everyone there! 


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Blue Gold
28 September 2016 @ 12:42 pm

So I’ve been progressing on Kitra in my skein of Empire. Its a top  down  sweater, and my plan is to  knit to the sleeves, knit both sleeves and then knit the body until I run out of yarn or get to Rhinebeck, most likely the former as there is still a lot of knitting to be done.


And it may not look it but I am less than 10 rows from the sleeve division. In theory the sleeves themselves will not take too long, we’ll see, we’ll see. That third sweater though may be like the Emperor’s New Clothes, I mean if I fix that sleeve quirk on bayside that totally counts right? I mean I finished it in Jan, it would be a new sweater for Rhinebeck.





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Blue Gold
15 September 2016 @ 10:29 am

I’ve  spent part of yesterday doing the mostly admin parts of running an Etsy shop; ordering things, planning new packaging, making lists, and prep work. The kind of stuff that has to be done but is way less fun than working out a design for new stitch markers.  This did remind me that I haven’t mentioned my  new logo, or put it anywhere but in order forms.


Look its a shiny new logo for One Geek to Craft Them All.  Its pretty awesome right? The joy of working with a great graphic designer like Abraham. Expect it to start appearing on all sorts of things!  I’ve already ordered; cards, a banner, a stamp.   Now to get back to the Indie Untangled prep!

Blue Gold
12 September 2016 @ 10:30 am

And Cabeladabra is done! All that is left is weaving in ends and blocking! One sweater down 2 more to attempt. And I’ve also got my  Indie Untangled prep in full swing, new items, old favorites, exclusives, all of it is now in progress.



In the last week or so I have realized just how soon Rhinebeck is, when you have a day job, a craft job, and want to knit three new sweaters for the weekend, five weeks is no time at all!  So I decided to get cranking, I’m unpacked, I’ve reopened the shop, time for making all the things!



Working on the sweater, I realized that I didn’t have all that much work left either. it was the work of a couple of episodes of the walking dead, to finish the body and start on the first sleeve. and last night, I decided to finish the second and get the collar done!



I think it came out pretty well, I believe I have 1 1/2 balls left or  1/2 a ball. I vaguely remember a skein falling into a suitcase in the flurry of unpacking and I don’t remember if I fished it out before putting the case away. Something I will check on later.



I also had initially gotten the finger weight version of the pattern so I plan to make that as well at some point in the Woolfolk I got before La Casita closed.



Next up,  Kitra in my Empire skein. I’m planning on extending it to tunic length. Somehow I think I will have enough yarn. I will knit the sleeves before finishing the body to figure out what yardage I have left.  Tunic…Dress, we’ll see what happens.


Blue Gold
06 September 2016 @ 08:59 am

I may have fallen down a dyeing rabbit hole.  I pulled out two ounces of Romney and broke it out into a few bumps to try dyeing fiber.

IMG_1630  IMG_1631


So the first round didn’t go as well as planned. I set up the fiber, added the dye.  Blue, red, grey, and black.


So I might have used a bit too much water in the pot for the amount of fiber that I had. Why does that matter?  Well, the more water in the pot the more the dye blends.


My finished lovely four colors, blended into a nice black with the occasional streak of red or blue undertones.  On the plus side, I did not felt the fiber and do need some black fiber for a project.  So yay, on  the con, that was not what I was aiming for.

IMG_1634 IMG_1637

I had one bump left so I decided to try one last time. As you can see, much less water in the pot. Still a little bit too much but better than the first time around.  I added turquoise, yellow, and a splash of grey. I got Turquoise, green, and some yellow.


So a dyed fiber semi-victory.

Blue Gold
05 September 2016 @ 04:34 pm

Happy Labor Day Folks. I hope everyone stateside is having a good unofficial end of summer Monday. The shop is open again. And It is chocked full of Halloween themed markers and earrings.

Halloween Earrings


IMG_1443 IMG_1454 IMG_1450 IMG_1447

Halloween Markers 

IMG_1549 IMG_1583 IMG_1556 IMG_1554 IMG_1598  IMG_1605  IMG_1590 IMG_1611


Game of Thrones Markers 

IMG_1519 IMG_1545

Peter Pan Collection



Hamilton Collection


The Walking Dead – Daryl Collection



The Glow Cloud,  Home Sweet Home, Pac Man, Neon Rainbow, CaffeinateIMG_1487 IMG_1499 IMG_1526 IMG_1567 IMG_1587

Doctor Who Collection



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Blue Gold
29 August 2016 @ 08:58 am

I’ve wanted to play with dyeing yarn for a while.  And after moving I decided to get myself some new crafty toys to try out.  I have gotten acid dyes and metal stamping tools.  I haven’t started stamping things yet but yesterday I decided to dye up some yarn.


I had a 2ply skein of Cormo I had gotten at Gauge+Tension, ages ago, in theory as a neutral for another skein.  But it was perfect for this project.  I ordered some Acid dye off Amazon, because Prime is a dangerous thing, it arrived right before my apartment warming on Saturday.  I chose to go with citric acid, mostly because I don’t really like the smell of vinegar.


So I got my yarn soaked, poured in my dyes  and waited.  The method I used was Space dyeing from a skill share class by @alexcreates on instagram. I had seem his yarn at Vogue Knitting Live and I thought his class would be a good place to start.



Once the dye bath was mostly exhausted (i’m glad everyone mentioned how much red bleeds, I would have been pretty worried otherwise) I rinsed the yarn in wool wash a few times until the water ran clear.



I hang it up to dry in the bathroom. And hooray for summer it was already dry when I went to shower this morning.  So I have my first finished skein of hand dyed yarn.  While there are a couple things I would fix, like I think I needed to let the yarn soak longer before I added dye, I really like how my first draft of ‘a kid from Brooklyn’ turned out.



I have a couple of ounces of un-dyed fiber I will also be  looking into dyeing, but I have to decide on the process for that first, as I’m much more concerned about felting, with  fiber. I tried to not agitate the wool too much. Something to look into but yay dyed yarn!

Side note! The shop is open and there will be an update this Saturday at 10! Zombies, Witches, Founding Fathers, and Time Lords to name a few.

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Blue Gold
25 August 2016 @ 04:04 pm

Another year another Flame con. I do love a good local reason go go around cosplaying.  This past weekend was FlameCon and for the second year running, friends and I donned our costumes and had a blast at the convention.



This year FlameCon was two days and I spent Saturday in costume as,  Storm. I got a ton of art, which will be fun decorating the new apartment with.



There were quite a few of my fellow X-men wandering around including a few Storms.



It did inspire me to set a few rules, no finishing my costume the night before. I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you saw the posts Friday night of my construction adventures. The costume still looks pretty good for running out of bias tape, and time if I am honest, but my plan is to rework some bits, and wear it to NYCC, since I am only going that Friday.  Long term, I’m looking forward to working on the V2 of the boots.

Blue Gold
24 August 2016 @ 11:40 am

So many adventures in the last couple weeks, I even had a birthday in there. Let’s start with the one most yarn related. Woolyn has opened its doors. It’s a yarn store in Brooklyn, that has yarn, fiber, and the usual yarn store fun, including tea. Going to the preview night, last Thursday, I got to visit the shop for Friends and Family night.


It’s a great space and there was plenty of yarn and fiber from a variety of dyers to make any fiber fan giddy. I may have done a mild amount of damage, despite still unpacking yarn and fiber.


IMG_1485 IMG_1484

I got Frabjous Fibers in “Fist Bump” and two skeins of Invictus Yarn in Kicks and Captain SW.  Oh and a set of dpns for sock knitting, because you can always use more needles.

I’m looking forward to some knit nights at Woolyn in the future.