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Blue Gold
29 August 2016 @ 08:58 am

I’ve wanted to play with dyeing yarn for a while.  And after moving I decided to get myself some new crafty toys to try out.  I have gotten acid dyes and metal stamping tools.  I haven’t started stamping things yet but yesterday I decided to dye up some yarn.


I had a 2ply skein of Cormo I had gotten at Gauge+Tension, ages ago, in theory as a neutral for another skein.  But it was perfect for this project.  I ordered some Acid dye off Amazon, because Prime is a dangerous thing, it arrived right before my apartment warming on Saturday.  I chose to go with citric acid, mostly because I don’t really like the smell of vinegar.


So I got my yarn soaked, poured in my dyes  and waited.  The method I used was Space dyeing from a skill share class by @alexcreates on instagram. I had seem his yarn at Vogue Knitting Live and I thought his class would be a good place to start.



Once the dye bath was mostly exhausted (i’m glad everyone mentioned how much red bleeds, I would have been pretty worried otherwise) I rinsed the yarn in wool wash a few times until the water ran clear.



I hang it up to dry in the bathroom. And hooray for summer it was already dry when I went to shower this morning.  So I have my first finished skein of hand dyed yarn.  While there are a couple things I would fix, like I think I needed to let the yarn soak longer before I added dye, I really like how my first draft of ‘a kid from Brooklyn’ turned out.



I have a couple of ounces of un-dyed fiber I will also be  looking into dyeing, but I have to decide on the process for that first, as I’m much more concerned about felting, with  fiber. I tried to not agitate the wool too much. Something to look into but yay dyed yarn!

Side note! The shop is open and there will be an update this Saturday at 10! Zombies, Witches, Founding Fathers, and Time Lords to name a few.

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Blue Gold
25 August 2016 @ 04:04 pm

Another year another Flame con. I do love a good local reason go go around cosplaying.  This past weekend was FlameCon and for the second year running, friends and I donned our costumes and had a blast at the convention.



This year FlameCon was two days and I spent Saturday in costume as,  Storm. I got a ton of art, which will be fun decorating the new apartment with.



There were quite a few of my fellow X-men wandering around including a few Storms.



It did inspire me to set a few rules, no finishing my costume the night before. I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you saw the posts Friday night of my construction adventures. The costume still looks pretty good for running out of bias tape, and time if I am honest, but my plan is to rework some bits, and wear it to NYCC, since I am only going that Friday.  Long term, I’m looking forward to working on the V2 of the boots.

Blue Gold
24 August 2016 @ 11:40 am

So many adventures in the last couple weeks, I even had a birthday in there. Let’s start with the one most yarn related. Woolyn has opened its doors. It’s a yarn store in Brooklyn, that has yarn, fiber, and the usual yarn store fun, including tea. Going to the preview night, last Thursday, I got to visit the shop for Friends and Family night.


It’s a great space and there was plenty of yarn and fiber from a variety of dyers to make any fiber fan giddy. I may have done a mild amount of damage, despite still unpacking yarn and fiber.


IMG_1485 IMG_1484

I got Frabjous Fibers in “Fist Bump” and two skeins of Invictus Yarn in Kicks and Captain SW.  Oh and a set of dpns for sock knitting, because you can always use more needles.

I’m looking forward to some knit nights at Woolyn in the future.



Blue Gold
28 July 2016 @ 07:42 pm

My Cabeladabra is growing.  It is almost at the neck line,  and I am still on the second ball of yarn. The next couple of weeks look to be filled with madness, packing and moving. But a new home is always a great thing. The boxes I will have to empty. Well, we’ll see how that goes I guess.  I expect to be surrounded by boxes for a few weeks.



But along with knitting I have been plotting. I’m looking forward to re-opening the shop come September and having a lot of new things in the shop.

Blue Gold
08 July 2016 @ 08:43 pm

Homes are changing, boxes packed, apartments emptied. I packed all the books. I lost count once I surpassed 20 boxes of books, because really, did I need to keep counting? I donated, a few shelves worth, and still the movers were all “so you like reading eh?” Though we did end up having a conversation about comics that was pretty fun.



Knitting Goals

1. Year of the Sweater- One Sweater every two months *finger crossed*  – Royale started body is about 3″ still.  I’ve also started Cabeladabra and that is growing quickly. It is already about 8 inches. 


IMG_0524  IMG_1400

2. A pair of socks – A girl can dream – apparently it wasn’t that far fetched. Two pairs of socks done. 




Spinning Goals

1. Learn supported spindling

2. Get a supported Spindle and bowl 


3. Spinning down the fiber stash or at least spin more than I take in.   Well I added a little to the stash at VKL but have quite a few spindles in progress so maybe? I haven’t finished anything yet  but have five or six projects going right now.  So that would be staying on track sorta. 

IMG_0474  IMG_0835  IMG_0899

Sewing Goals 

1. Finish my Dress

2. Sew some new bag styles





3. Learn some new skills

4. Sew more in general

Shop Goals

1. Continue to grow the inventory (I’d like to add notions and other sized bags to the shop as well)

2. New Logo (More a new take on the current owl than a full revamp) – Have contacted an artist and everything!

3. A couple more craft shows, still looking for the holiday market that fits

4. Better tracking of things to make 2016 taxes easier.

Life Things

1. Organize Stashes (Fabric, Yarn, Fiber, Beads) – they were packed does that count

2. Go through the wardrobe and donate/trash clothes – First round done 

3. Donate some books

4. Pack

5. Move

12 in 2016

1. Captain America Baby Blanket  – Done! Gifted

2.  Another large wrap shawl like Color affection

3.  Luxury Handspun Hat Continued

4. Stonecutter

5. Handspun Mitts – Mixed with Mithril

IMG_0377 IMG_1019

6. A chunky cowl

7. A heirloom lace shawl

8. Double my memories blanket

9. A mystery KAL

10.  Handspun Hat (Still at the spinning stage)

11.  Bring back Christmas Gift Knitting

12. Christmas Ornaments – One done  and gifted 


Blue Gold
04 July 2016 @ 09:08 am

Happy Fourth to my fellow celebrating Americans!

2014-08-08 15.06.33

It’s July, of course its sweater weather…somewhere not here. But to me it seems to be sweater knitting weather at the very least.  I have started to work on Cabeladabra and am making lightning progress it seems. Especially for only having been knitting on the sweater for two days.



Quite a lot of  sweater, though I am knitting a couple more inches than the pattern calls for before starting the waist decreases, the joy of being nice and tall. But perhaps, I can finish this sweater and Royale in the next few weeks and make it so I’m back on track on the sweater plot for this year!

Blue Gold
27 June 2016 @ 09:32 am

This Thursday will be the last day that the etsy shop will be open for the summer. It will be closed for all of July and part of August. This means that you only have a couple more days to get something, before I go on a moving break. The coupon code PACKING will be active until the shop is on vacation so say see you later with 20% off anything in stock.


So this is me living out of boxes the next few weeks…with a few knitting and spinning projects to keep me company.  Moving after six years…a barrel of fun… I’ll just line up a few of these, and use them to get me thorough the nights.


Blue Gold
09 June 2016 @ 09:40 pm

Or should that be four.  Another pair of socks done, and another pile of boxes packed.  So does this officially make me a sock knitter? I mean I’ve actually finished socks finally… These socks are also the Favorite sock pattern by Voolenvine. This time in Indigodragonfly in Beige.



The box of sox is growing. And I have cast on yet another pair of socks. So clearly this is the time for socks. At least until I get back to my oft neglected Royale. But I suppose there is time for sweater knitting, you know when I unpack everything I own.


Blue Gold
23 May 2016 @ 10:37 am

This month’s update is all about the zodiac. Progress markers and markers. Get your sign while they last. Also in anticipation of my move I’m holding a moving sale. Everything in the shop is 20% off with the code PACKING. Help me pack fewer things!




IMG_1391  IMG_1384  IMG_1377 IMG_1370 IMG_1361 IMG_1358 IMG_1350 IMG_1345 IMG_1343 IMG_1333 IMG_1312 IMG_1332

This shop update is full of signs. All 12 signs as stitch marker sets and as solo progress markers.  So pick your sign or a few and  enjoy shopping.

I also finally found the perfect Prongs to create the Maraders as stitch markers.



Also, a Fish and Cat set. One might even call it Catfishing…




IMG_9673  IMG_8023 IMG_9410


I’ll be packing most of June so, the June update is a little up in the air. It will be either pretty early in the month, or just early July.

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Blue Gold
18 May 2016 @ 02:05 pm

So I’ve wanted to make myself a project bag for a while. For a few reasons; I want more project bags, I keep buying fabric, I want to sew more… See just a few reasons. But I got some very NYC themed fabric and decided to go for it.  The city skyline, and the ceiling of Grand Central Station.



So I got to cutting, ironing, sewing, and all the steps in between to make a good project  bag. And as tends to be the way with a new project I got some good ideas on what worked, what didn’t and what I need to do in the next round.


The finished bag was quite roomy it could hold the the sock I was working on in Witch Candy Yarn, a finished sock, one of my notions pouches, a pen, and a bottle of Aleve that also got tossed in there. I felt like I could fit a second skein in there for a two color project. My newest project is also living in the bag.


Yep another pair of socks!