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Blue Gold
25 November 2015 @ 11:59 pm

The November Shop update is live.  Full of holiday notions bags and some fun geeky ones like Doctor Banner.

IMG_0555 IMG_0562 IMG_0568 IMG_0572 IMG_0581 IMG_0585 IMG_0590 IMG_0592 IMG_0597 IMG_0600 IMG_0577

And Stitch Markers.

It is Defended Stitch markers is a warning to many that would want to take advantage of the earth.


Some sleigh bells



A few inspirations from across the sea.


IMG_0532 IMG_0484

A very uncanny team.



Some restocking from the wizarding world.

IMG_0515 IMG_0495 IMG_0511

Some Marvelous Restocking

wolverine1 IMG_9044 IMG_0519


Ms. Frank returns.


Blue Gold
09 November 2015 @ 03:27 pm

I have finished Francis Revisited.  Okay it isn’t blocked and  none of the ends have been woven in but all of the stitches have been knit. So it’s done!   A very quick knit though I really don’t know what yardage I used as there was clearly some yarn missing from both skeins of Eco Wool. The red, might have gone into my Vivian a few years back but I have no idea where the black went. Greek Key Cowl possibly? I would guess, 1 1/2 skeins of Eco wool with 1 skein being the red.



I like how it came out and the fit.  Though even with the cowl neck and the sleeves I do still feel a slight need to tug the bottom of my sweater and request some Earl Grey, hot. But that might just be me.



This does make the third sweater I’ve completed for myself this year. And the fourth in total. So yay for making my way through stash.  Speaking of clearing out the stash I’m having a bit of a stash down over on the ravelry page if you fancy some new yarn or fiber in your life.  Below is a general shot of some of the items that are available.


Blue Gold
05 November 2015 @ 01:39 pm

Sweater season is fast approaching. I would say its here now but since the weather the last couple days has been in the 70s, we’ll go with fast approaching. I’ll enjoy the out of character warmth for as long as it lasts. We know how cold winters have been getting. And even if winter is my preferred season there are limits.  So that means of course knitting sweaters.  After finishing the sweaters for Rhinebeck, I didn’t really take a sweater break. While at the house I started, a featherweight cardigan.


This past weekend I spent a lot of time in a car, including, 5 hours where we never made it past Harlem (Our goal was Yonkers) due to all the rerouting of traffic for the NYC Marathon. Who thought that journey was a good idea? Sadly no one in the car. Who could put an end to that journey? Again, sadly no one in the car. The joy of some part time work where there is I strict hierarchy I suppose. But it did mean I was able to put  a massive dent in the Featherweight. I have separated the sleeves and am working on the body. As the picture shows I want to finish it off with a couple of colors. I’m thinking orange for the last few inches than maybe just an inch of yellow at the end. A bit of a flame color block.


My original plan to use the single of fingering I had spun from my loop batt fell through as I realized that the rainbow only repeated for a small portion of red and the sleeves would be an interesting adventure. The current plan for that yarn is to spin some singles in black and make the rainbow accent colors, in the yolk and edgings. It’s a ways away as the fiber has not been spun yet.  But the Featherweight is not my only sweater. A friend was wearing Francis Revisited at Rhinebeck and I really liked the sweater and I know I had some red and black Eco Wool in my stash I had been planning to make a sweater out of at some point.


This was another fast knit, done on size 9 needles its also a dense sweater but I’m sure it will come in handy when the weather cools down once again. I decided to make it in blocks of color instead of just red and black stripes. I’m still trying to decide how to finish the sweater, I have had thoughts of a two color edging so right now every part of the sweater is on the needles as I try to work out how much yarn there is left and if I can do a two color finish and the collar.

It’s a fun adventure in sweater knitting and I hope to finish it in the next few days as it has been over a week since I worked on it at all. I’ve made enough alterations to the pattern and am about 90% sure that I had used at least part of the black skein of eco wool that there will have to be a modest game of yarn chicken. The goal is to finish the sweater without needing to buy any more yarn. We’ll see how that goes.

Blue Gold
28 October 2015 @ 12:37 pm

It’s been a long while since I crocheted anything. So  when the chance to do it came up again I jumped at it. I know, I know, I choose my own projects I could crochet whenever I want. I do actually have a massive crochet project in mind.  So when the opportunity to make part of a Nightmare Before Christmas display window I jumped on making Oogie Boogie.



So how hard could it be? I have been crocheting for decades longer than I have been knitting. So of course when I started the project I started yelling at the pattern, and the stitches, and the instructions and just everything really. I even started a knitted version in irritation.  I took a deep breath, figured out what I wanted to do and started again.



I gave myself an hour crocheting to make sure that I did not have to pretty much write a new pattern. It wouldn’t be the first time I stared at a crochet pattern and pulled out needles and made it work.


Once I had done that, I started working in earnest. It was a simple pattern, I could make it work pretty easily.  I had to keep track of the stitching, make sure that it didn’t get too big, as it was supposed to be 10″ high and I wasn’t following the patten exactly. I know everyone is shocked.



Once when the body was done. I checked all of my felt. Of course, there was no black, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, but apparently I had used all the black when last I worked with felt.  Fabric to the rescue.



I’d like to say those are worms in his mouth but it was actually pins holding the fabric in place. It is pretty hard to sew fabric to crochet, which is something I did not know. I think I did well stepping out of my crafty comfort zone and had something awesome to show for it. Maybe I’ll crochet some of my ever growing list of baby items.




Blue Gold
27 October 2015 @ 04:48 pm

This month’s shop update is full of notions bags. So full, that other than some yarn skein and Christmas themed  earrings there was nothing else!


So  many bags to add, there are even themes.

Halloween Bags 

We have Nevermore with spiderweb fabric lining and black lining , and Halloween Candy with Bat lining.  Bats in the Belfry with purple lining.

IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0339 IMG_0371


Video Game Bags 

Pac Man, Space Invaders with a yellow and green theme, and Space Invaders with a pink and purple theme.

IMG_0330 IMG_0364 IMG_0355



Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Bag



And lastly… pardon my pun a mixed bag of bags.  Including a notions fabric, notions bag.

IMG_0349 IMG_0368 IMG_0334


Yarn Skein Earrings  Hogwarts Houses and  Holiday Earrings

IMG_0131 IMG_0145



I’m already full of more bag ideas. My fabric stash is growing fast and I haven’t even gone fandom wild yet.  Next update will be Saturday 11/21 at 10am.

Blue Gold
20 October 2015 @ 01:08 pm

One more over arching look at my goals.  So how are the 2015 goals progressing? Some good some not so good. The 12 in 2o15 needs some major help.


1. Four more sweaters in 2015. That’s one a season, totally reasonable, and I would like at least 2 to be pullovers, and at least one to be done in pieces. its about time I got to building a sweater. And right now I have the yarn for a few sweaters!

1. Alta – Green Gloss DK –  swatch is done and wayyy off. I’m losing about 4 stitches every 4 inches. Math will have to be done. Done and worn to Rhinebeck! 

2. Stripes Gone Crazy – Cashmere Wool Blend

3. Blue Wool of the Andes Pumpkin Ale 

4. Eco Wool Francis Revisited will be cast on later this week? 

5. Bayside

6. Wine colored Sock yarn

*Bug Warmer

Featherweight has been cast on.

Three sweaters done, two on the needles, one more going on the needles. It looks like everything is going to plan there.

2. More craft fairs – I want to do more vending (VKLive happened!) I vended at the BKCG WWKIP again, did Funday Sunday on Smith Street, and will be doing the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk show the Friday of Rhinebeck.  I now have an Events page where you can keep up to date on where I shall be popping up.

3. More Spinning. Joining the DSPAKAL means I will start my year spinning. The 680 yard loop bump seems to have that covered, even if I haven’t had a chance to spin since the tour de fleece started 

1. Six complete spinning projects for the year (knitting handspun or spinning a project) – Hitchhiker is done, the loop bump above, and a few squares on the  sock blanket. 

2. Get one of the spindles I have been eying maybe as a reward for hitting the 50% mark(Uh – I may now own two Turtle Made spindles, an Aaron Makes stuff spindle, and a Golding)

4. Socks!!!! I have two actual pairs on the needles. I have cast on Hermione’s Everyday socks…Now where did I put them…

5. As I mentioned yesterday, more collaborations.Clubs, Giveaways, Stitches South!

6. Updating the graphics of the blog and published patterns (new laptop should help get this going but its still a work in progress) 

7. Gloves! Both the designing of and knitting of other patterns – My Thrummed flip top mittens are a start right? a still incomplete start but a start

8. Designing – So many swatches guys – SO MANY – Submissions! Things are out, patterns are being written

9. Plan another epic birthday – there may be zombies  whiskey  There was brunch, there was Ethiopian, there were friends. 


And the 12 in 2015 – hmm er…

1. Alta Swatched  Done!

2. Stripes Gone CrazyI may have cast on featherweight with this yarn

3. Bayside sleeves separated and approaching the body increases decreases  ribbing

4. Handspun Socks take two

5. Blanket – Cozy Memories Blanket

6. Gloves – Thrummed flip top mitts One mitt mostly done. Just needs a flip top. 

7. Flintshire Take II – well I used the yarn for mitts. but a red flintshire would work too.

8. Release a Cowl Design – couple different swatches floating around and a pattern on the needles 

9. Handspun Hat with Luxury tribbles – Cashmere! Yak!

10. Thrummed Hat! – I don’t wear mittens but a Hat would be great.Likely not as then there would have to be lining.

11. A Colorwork project

12. Christmas Ornaments – After setting up the tree this year we noted it was lacking in handmade, personal items. Especially in the home of two crafters.


Blue Gold
19 October 2015 @ 01:16 pm

Another year another NYSW festival down. It was great. We once again rented a house out in Woodstock and drove up Friday morning so we could get to the house and still have time to go set up at the Indie Untangled show.


You can see, that the batman sheet has now become standard vending flair. I need to find more fabric that can be fun to turn into a dress or two to go with the fabric. It was as always great seeing everyone at the show, as well as across the weekend. I didn’t really get a chance to run around the show as once 5pm hit the place was packed.  And as requested the next update will have Doctor Who notions bags. The one completed for the show disappeared instantly.


Then came Saturday. Day one of the festival. After an awesome homemade breakfast and deciding since I had forgotten to bring a jacket (Thursday was a crazy day for me) that Pumpkin Ale would be a top layer over my other sweater. In this case, over Alta on Saturday and Aritchoke French on Sunday.  We came, we saw, we chatted, we shopped.  We wandered into a quick sheering demonstration.

IMG_0241 IMG_0244

Then we broke up into teams and went through Building E.  Even members of the house who hadn’t actually been part of the plan somehow popped up with things that we could share. So dinner Saturday night was a cheese, sausage, bread, olive, pickles, and wine spread.  Oh and marshmallows to roast. It was a great spread.

IMG_0275 IMG_0277


After staying up much later than we planned. Much laughter was had. So much laughter. There may have been silly/geeky youtube video watching with some AirPlay usage. Morning meant packing up and making our way back to Rhinebeck where it started to snow! It was on and off all day but never really stuck.

IMG_0319So what damage did I do? Well I showed a small amount of restraint. I mean I didn’t get the ITW batt that was called 221B but I did end up with a Loop bump. I got a single skein of yarn, a skein of Yowza in grey to make a red and grey sweater where the red has long since been in my stash. A multifandom JessaLu bag, 4oz of Polwarth Silk from Dragonfly Fibers, and  .5oz of Paco-Vicuna fiber that I will be adding to my luxury tribble sampler. so I an dreaming of a luxury 3 ply yarn with the various fibers. I have a lot of spinning on the brain.


I got at bottle of Hetta seriously an awesome mulled wine. 4 individually  wrapped packages of one ounce of merino I plan to spin single to knit into a sweater with the Loop batt I spun from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Yes I know a single fingering sweater. I like living dangerously.



It was another great weekend and I can’t wait to do again next year!  Maybe without the snow next time. 😀


Blue Gold
15 October 2015 @ 11:14 am

I have finished Alta! Okay I have to weave in the ends and finish knitting the yolk, but the major parts are done.  I have knit, blocked, and seamed the sweater . I even am mostly packed, barring things I have to buy and that can be packed once they are used.  I even have my Rhinebeck projects sorted out. Spinning, knitting, and crochet!


And I’m done in time to leave early-ish. I’m staying with a friend tonight and we will be driving up in the morning. So in theory I even have tonight to work on my sweater. The pro of a seamed sweater I will say is that it is already blocked. It turns out I could have gone down two sizes in Alta, but it is still a good fit, especially if it becomes my layering sweater. There are days in the winter where I am wearing 5/6 layers as it is -6 or something obscene, and usually rare in NYC.

The weekend is going to be fun. I’m looking forward to perusing my fellow vendors at  The Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show. I’m also in the market for a sweaters worth of yarn, or two. At least one in a black single to go with the yarn I spun up from Maryland. It was going to be a featherweight, but its a non repeating rainbow and that would make for odd sleeves. Very odd sleeves. The featherweight is my knitting project of choice, just in a solid red, wool cashmere blend I have had in the stash for ages.


At the trunk show I will have a small pile of notions bags, stitch markers, and geeky jewelry as always. If you’ll be around Friday come stop by. The show goes on from 5-9 and there are plenty of prizes and the such to be had.




Blue Gold
12 October 2015 @ 02:44 pm

This Friday I will be winging my way up to Rhinebeck. I spend this past weekend or really the last 4 days at NYCC so, this week is devoted to  the usual things I have to get done and prep. It’s going to be a busy week.  But I’m pleased to have finished the sleeves, and have to attache all the parts of the sweater together and knit the yolk.


The sleeves are currently blocking and at some point there will be lots of mattress stitch in my future. Here’s hoping everything goes well on that front.  My todo list is growing and there may need to be a few extra hours each day but I’m getting very excited for Rhinebeck this weekend.  Hopfully I will get to meet some of you at the festival and while I’m vending at the Indie Untangled Trunk Show.


Blue Gold
21 September 2015 @ 12:06 pm

This month we have a mix of Halloween, Fall, time travel, and the new notions bags. Lets start with with newest item. Notions bags, at about 3″x4″ perfect for holding stitch markers, a tape measurer, folding scissors, and a darning needle or two. With a key ring they are perfect for moving from project bag to project bag as needed.

First up, Bats in the Belfry

IMG_0068 IMG_0063


Star Trek and Star Trek TOS

IMG_0078 IMG_0080


Nevermore (purple) and Trick or Treat 


IMG_0072 IMG_0092



We have some halloween themed stitch markers.

Fangs a Lot in Standard, House Sock and Crochet

IMG_0005 IMG_0029 IMG_0036


Collection This is Halloween




I Do Believe in Standard, House Sock, and Crochet


IMG_9974 IMG_0053 IMG_0059


Tardis in House Sock and Crochet (restock)

IMG_0014 IMG_0025

Yarn Skein Markers 

IMG_0001 IMG_0011 IMG_0100


Stays in Vegas and Sept 1st. (King’s Cross)


IMG_9984 IMG_9993